Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Very interesting weblink

I've taken to entertaining myself by watching commercials, awesome, good and crappy alike, on youtube. It's alotta fun and I've now spent almost two whole Sundays doing that. Recently I also found a website I really like and highly recommend whoever reads this post to check it out... it has featured some of the best ads, business card ideas, website ideas, logos etc that are really worth looking at.
I have decided that I'm going to bug my best friend for more than half my life, Gayle D'souza, co-founder and partner of one of the best design firms - 'And Design' to teach me photoshop so I can doodle and honour you all with some of my awesome doodles ;-).
That day shall come. I just hope my short attention span and low threshold for boredom let me get there soon enough.