Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cliche Campaigns for Brand Strategies

On my way home last evening I suddenly thought of cliches and how they're comforting because:
1. The person spouting them knows what to say (it can be a mindless statement)
2. The recepient has a choice of responses and hence won't be dumbstruck
I guess its comforting by virtue of the fact that its known and familiar as oppossed to the panic that sets in with not knowing (usually)
Now while thinking along this pathetic train of thought, another more interesting thought was added to my brain's computing power...I'd been watching ads online coz I love doing that... I realized one thing that even though an ad is extremely funny and creative (read unusual) it still wont be as sticky in the long run as a well executed but been there done that concept infused with emotion.... for example a havell's ad may not be as sticky as a cadbury's ad (the old one) and this has nothing to do with the nature of the product... (of course I could be wrong)
But what this made me conclude is that branding is about building relationships with customers, promising them something and delivering it repeatedly... with cliched but emotional concepts such an effect can be achieved and I feel that maybe for a more successful brand campaign you should use a more emotional approach than an off-beat unusual approach... because the consumer already has emotions related to your brand and with a campaign adding to those emotions and given the power of repetition, the % of mind-share may be higher... Just a thought.. unfounded as of now!