Monday, August 4, 2008

Sportal development

Not enough justice is done to sports. Miracles arn't going to put Sporting India on the world map. They can help but not subsitute the impetus which needs to be given..
Everybody should mandatorily participate in sports. I think there are a few schools which do this... And its time many more did too. Nobody will disagree with me when I say sports is THE best activity for all-round development... So why do a lot of people stop once they 'grow up'? It's not that grown-ups don't need more all round development. Maybe it comes about as a natural effect of society making us pick between higher education and sports.
India is capable of producing world class athletes. It's not that we lack talent or the necessary mind-set as is touted. India as a country, and I'm sure every other country can say the same about its citizens, is filled with talented individuals... you see them in all walks of life... for instance...I went to Kedarnath (pilgrimage spot in the Himalayas and one of the Jyotir-lings of Shiva). Getting to the temple involves a steep 14 km climb, 3600 meters above seal level, which can get your lungs in a tizzy if you try the climb. Obviously we go on horseback. Interestingly, for those who arn't comfortable with the idea of riding a horse on a narrow, steep, cobbled pathway with lots of other tired horses, there is a 'pitthu' (guys who take you piggyback) or a 'doli' (palanquin) service available. Everytime I visit Kedarnath or any similar place, I can't help but wonder how it would be if these doli guys who trek 14 kms up and 14 kms down, sometimes twice a day, loaded with bags or heavy set human beings, were trained in a sport at a professional level. They obviously have amazing strength, stamina and focus. All that's needed is to teach them the sport and we could probably have a winner.
I know its not that simple... the few encouraged sports have a crazy level of competition...but the spectrum needs to widen...more volume needs to be built up... a larger talent pool spread across more sports will be great. I do acknowledge our sportstars who've done us proud...but besides cricket no other sport yet has the power to help a common man realize his sporting dream and it is time the the scope increases.


Natasha K said...

amen to that babs :)

i am an ardent believer of the positive influence of sports on the mind - which deals with stress on an unimaginable scale. certainly the body as well but its impact on the mind seems to be under rated.

a public health perspective ;)

Bhavisha said...

i agree tuta... thats the whole idea behind 'barefoot'... which is a sports based venture i'd like to get into someday.. barefoot'll offer sporting based events / activities which allow dormant facets to come to the surface and help you bring balance in your life by realizing that an individual routine that mostly everybody is stuck in is highly limited