Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sportatainment resorts

The future of hospitality development is the convergence of leisure, recreational, entertainment and sporting activities all rolled into an offering, complete with seasonility proofing through providing something, especially adventure sports, for all seasons....
What do I mean by that... indoor versions of outdoor sports like skiing, kayaking, golfing, surfing... you name it!
Sounds great for a sports marketing wannabe like me... but it got another part of me thinking... going to different places to experience the charm and the sports styles of that place is a package deal... with these indoor or man-made resort-sportatainment complexes the whole 'discovering places and their natural sporting charm' will disappear.
But then again... with most of us caught up trying to make as much money as we can to enjoy it how we want, we often miss out on going to all those places we fantasize about...
Thinking about it some more I feel these developments are fantastic... coz this way a curious mind knows where he can go, can make a weekend trip out of it (assuming the infrastructure comes up globally - which it will), try it out and if he truly wants to experience the magic of nature go and do the same without making the visit a commercial travel... why did I bring that into the picture? Today alot of people want to travel to 'exotic' locations, example Leh-Ladakh, to the extent that their travels to these places is proving hazardous to their (places') existence...
So with these resorts in place at least natural beauty can be conserved.
Another good thing is everybody will have tons of fun options to indulge in, all year round.
These resorts then make business sense by having multiple offerings. Most importently it portends good job options for people like me. :)

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