Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mumbai Indians getting sponsored for 2-3 mn USD

So even in times of recession you can find and net that elusive advertiser! Mumbai Indians have almost confirmed that Idea Cellular will be investing between $ 2-3 million in the team. This is great news because even though Mumbai Indians had a dismal performance in last years IPL, they seem to be able to attract marketing spend. Like I've mentioned in earlier posts theres just wayyyyyyy tooo many similar if not same messages hitting consumers. Everybody is trying to differentiate himself in this crazy croweded market. Sports offers this opportunity. Now to get an ROI on such an investment letsee if Idea can ideate well enough to get fans to become consumers. Even tho India is a cricket crazy nation, that level of passion may not translate into marketing success. If Idea can manage that through a pure ROI number it would boost investment in sports (hopefully not just cricket) and this in turn will better sporting infrastructure and play calibre.

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