Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wine dispenser and are really great sites to read about cool, new ideas that people are converting or at least trying to convert into business models. One really good idea I came across was for a wine related set-up! Altho' 'wine related set-up' is probably the shittiest way to describe it, it's a really cool concept.
It's basically a restro-lounge which has special wine dispensers to allow customers to try out different varities of wine before buying a bottle or two. The dispenser also has features recommending wines, which connoisseur prefers which wine and how your preferance compares to it!
(I couldn't find the same link I used to read about this concept... but managed to find something similar)

Another idea that I've really liked from among a plethora of fantastic ideas is about see-saw power. A British student, Daniel Sheridan, has come up with a way to use playgroung see-saws to generate power. He says that even 5-10minutes of play can power a classroom for a few hours...!
In fact last year I used to wonder why we don't yet have devices that can harness the phenomenal amounts of energy we generate in regular everyday activities.
Imagine the amount of energy generated when two people fight. If that could be harnessed, at least something good would come out of the fight ;-)

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