Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The brand-trend continuum

A brand occupies top of mind position in a consumers mind only if it repeatedly delivers value (read promise) over time. Is a brand successful if it comes up foremost in the consumers mind when he thinks of the category of product it falls under or is it successful if it elicits a certain response or association in the consumers mind?
I guess these are two strategies brands can employ:
1. Try to become the category
2. Create a specific position in the consumers mind i.e. stand for something, mean something to the consumer
Choosing option 2 and succeeding is more difficult than making option 1 work because creating a specific position in the consumers mind and staying put there is a really difficult task.
Because consumer trends keep changing. Every change represents an opportunity for a brand to deliver on that trend and occupy numero uno position in the consumers mind.
So for a brand to set up base in the consumers mind, it needs to be endowed with crystal ball powers... well something like that...
However, it can be done... brands in the past have done it, if not globally at least in the countries of their birth... Nike, adidas, Harley, IBM
And doing it repeatedly builds up alot of brand equity and firmly places the brand at the right end of the trend-brand continuum.

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