Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big-Bang... LHC style

I've been hearing about CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC for all ya'll quantum-theory homies) for a while now and finally they've switched it on.
Methinks instead of being all philosophical I could try being informative in this blog and so I'd like to tell all those who may not yet be aware of this great scientific moment in history that we're in the middle of... check this youtube link out:
There are tons of anti-LHC theorists who think this experiment will herald (altho this world connotes a positive tone I choose to use it here) the end of the world. Maybe with the state of affairs the world over - materialism, income disparity, greed, connivance, corruption, psychosis - it's not such a bad thing (the wannabe philosopher in me couldn't resist). And I don't mean that as a fatalistic thing but just so that created structres are razed to allow new ones to be formed....
But rest assured Stephen Hawking and co. have said that the CERN project's completely safe... even if anti-matter does get created, the energy release due to the annihilation will be short lived and be absorbed by the LHC... so doomsday naysayers rejoice... there ain't no armageddon coming our way yet!
All in all, its very interesting... "this experiment" is set to re-create the big bang by getting two super slowed down protons to collide, release energy which creates matter! I'm definitely looking forward to knowing what happens next!

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Natasha K said...

me too babs! its funny though that one of their computers got hacked. here they are - re-creating the birth of the earth (poetry unintended) and someone hacks into their system!im still cracking up..