Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whatever will they think of next?

Web 2.0 allows you to jump from topic to topic, site to site, oftentimes totally unconnected. While trying to stay updated about the Big-Bang recreation experiment by CERN I chanced upon this article which initially I found pretty funny...
It's about how in Japan you can employ a professional agency to set your love life right no matter what the issue is... infidelity, getting back with someone and get this... even if you want to be with somebody you've only seen, don't yet know!!!
It's crazy to think that something which is natural and of course emotional is now outsourced to an agency which brings it straight to you... no life lessons learnt in the process for you... hence no value addition to your life... just pure money power... I'm guessing their 'happiness', with the use of such agencies to ''source" life's ingredients, is short-lived... probably making relationships have pre-decided shelf lives!
I'm posting the link below for those of you (and I'm pretty sure you would want to read the article) who want to read the article by Times Online:

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