Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chai Stall taking shape

This evening, after our third consecutive day of shopping for our chai stall, we started work on the buzz creating aspect.
But before I move onto that.... I'm amazed at how I've been working on handling this tea stall. I'm usually the kind of person who gets excited about an idea and then moves onto another idea or squanders away my energy. This process has always been on auto-pilot.
But with the tea stall ... I want to take it step by step and work on chunks of it or as MBA jargon would call it ... on functional areas (ahem).
I've been making lists (which I never make.. my mom would be so proud of me... she cried herself hoarse telling me to make lists)... I've been categorizing ... inventory, raw materials, assets, supplies!!!
The funny part is when I did that, I did it as a joke, but realized that categorizing it in that fashion actually made things easier and also made it recallable.
There's a sort of discipline thats gotten into my system (I just hope I haven't spoken too soon)
Anyway... coming back to the stall taking shape... we made our promo material... (will put it up by tomorrow or day after latest). The promo was suppossed to be made in secrecy but with the number of people all over AIM, you can imagine how difficult that was... add to that the attention grabing super kallan! I walked down with it and everybody started asking us if we were going to make chai! Then we needed a power outlet which wasn't available at our venue i.e. behind the SA store (Parasol garden I think it's called) and we ended up creating quite an unwanted 'buzz' with carrying the power points available in the dorm lobby to the cafe area... (it looked like I was taking a weird creature on a walk and with the cord wrapped all around me it looked more like the creature was taking me for a walk).
Finally we managed to diffuse the attention we'd generated and got our work done... it was so much of fun...
It felt best when people started telling us why don't you start you tea stall earlier... now itself!
Did I mention that the super kallan makes the tea stall sound like an authentic Indian tea stall ... I was supremely happy when we lit it today!

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