Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm not as much a gizmo fan as I'd like to be...the way technology changes and with my myriad interests its difficult to stay updated... Geez I already sound like a technognorant (my attempt at coining funny words - techno-ignorant)....
But in terms of business' dealing with this same phenomenan, I think it's going to be pretty challenging for all companies coz companies themselves today decide the lifespan of their products (inspired by Critical Change by Goldratt)... with emergent technology every few months there's going to be more of a 'generation gap', if I could call it that. I'm part of the 20-25 year old's and I know how the parents of our generation crib and complain about how they don't gel with technology coz they don't understand it!!!Very soon I see people of all ages complaining that they don't know as much as people a few years younger do!
This in my eyes is going to get corporates to design various kinds of products to cater to all levels of technology-know-how. Can you imagine the amount of product differentiation that would involve. Not only that companies are going to have to come up with more captivating ways of marketing a product with 'improved benefits'.
Things are getting interesting.

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