Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The countdown begins!

In exactly five days we run our week long walkabout - the Indian tea stall. (I'm writing as though I haven't mentioned it before in case there are readers who haven't gone thru' my prior posts... shame on you!)
Anyway, altho' I usually hate planning and making lists... doing all of that for this project has been alot of fun... I think it helps that the huge green-board in our dorm is my paper substitute. However, I have switched to more portable list-worthy apparatus. :)
Usually we're pretty bogged down by work and don't really get out of the campus much... but thanks to sourcing stuff for our walkabout - right from raw materials to (capital) assets (read Super Kallan ... our much-in-demand stove) we've been around Luzon quite a bit... first we went to Libertad - Pasay, then Baktikan Street and tomorrow we'll probably have to make a trip to UN Avenue and in the middle of all of this we gotta find slates and hay!
We've managed to get some decorative objects to Indianify our stall FOR FREE from our supplier...
So right now our room has a Super Kallan, an electric frier and raw materials... come tomorrow, it'll be filled with hay, fairy lights, et al... thankfully we have really supportive roomies...
I'll keep you posted! Watch this space for breaking news featuring exclusively our tea stall!

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