Friday, November 7, 2008

Walkabout Update

It's one thing to decide on the walkabout topic but its another thing altogether executing's been alot of fun brainstorming about how we'll decorate our tea stall - but we realized that we couldnt really go bezerk with our costs and big picture people that we are... you can imagine how restricted we felt. And then came the arguments... could we include blah blah... lets also have yada yada... what should we call our tea stall?
The interesting part is.. I usually avoid conflicts at all costs... don't really like them too much... but while figuring out all this stuff with my fellow walkaboutees, I realized that conflicts are over-rated in the sense... people avoid them coz they (I) feel relations could sour or nothing of value will come out of it. Maybe its what I read in our HBO 'Conflict Management' class - "Polite conversations lead to polite solutions" that has changed the anti-conflictness in me. It's actually fun to see things from somebody else's perspective and when I say see things I mean understand where they're coming from, once you've gotten past the defensive stage...
So to cut the long story short...we've successfully managed to reach consensus on what we're going to have at our very own tea-stall here at AIM and also managed to agree on a name!
Now comes the execution... as long as its not our execution, it's all good...!


Regnard Raquedan said...

Good luck in your walkabout! :D

And Captain Murphy says..... said...

Go Level 5 leader!!!!!!!!!!